How to help us do what we do!

The Trust is a registered charity (number 293720), and depends on donations to sustain us in our goal to promote mountain training. Any financial support would assist additional places to become available in the future.




Donations can now made online at Virgin Money Giving

Don’t forget to GiftAid if you are a UK tax payer! We get an extra 25p from every £1 donated.



In the tragic event of someone dying through accident or illness, family members have requested donations to the JCMT. This was made possible by collections at memorial services and/or donations in lieu of flowers at funerals. If desired, we could post details of your donations to the Trust on our website with a photograph in memoriam.



If you are having a party, birthday or anniversary you could consider asking for donations as opposed to gifts.



Would you be prepared to leave a gift in your Will to the JCMT?

There are different kinds of gift you can leave in your Will. Four various ways are set out below:

  • Residuary Request: A gift of the remainder of the estate after all other bequests have been made and debts cleared is called a residuary bequest.

  • Pecuniary RequestA gift of a fixed sum of money in your Will is called a pecuniary bequest. The value of pecuniary legacies will decrease over time, as inflation increases.

  • Specific Request: When a specific named item is left as a gift in your Will is known as a specific bequest – for example a piece of jewellery.

  • Contingent Bequest: A gift in your Will that depends upon the occurrence of an event which may or may not happen is known legally as a contingent bequest. An example is a bequest to a charity which applies only if other beneficiaries named in the Will die before the testator (person who made the Will).



We would like to thank everyone who has donated their time, support and money to help the Trust continue to support young aspiring mountaineers to follow their dreams safely.

With special thanks to the ongoing support of these people and organisations:

The BMC, for their continued financial support by contributing towards the cost of Scottish and Alpine Courses on an annual basis.

Plas y Brenin, for promoting and providing all administration and organisation of the JCMT courses. As well as providing guides for our alpine courses and for hosting the 2 day Alpine Preparation Course at their centre.

The Scottish Mountaineering Trust who contribute towards the Scottish Winter Courses on an annual basis.

Phil Ewels, a former JCMT student who donates his time to help us run the website.

Nenad Seljic, for allowing us to use his stunning photographs of the Matterhorn on our website.

Georgia Vincent, Jonathan Conville's niece, who re-branded the charity and designed our new website.

David Conville OBE, Jonathan’s uncle, and David Tidmarsh, Jonathan’s friend, who resigned as Trustees after 35 years of serving on the Board. We are indebted to them both for their guidance since the inception of the Trust, and steady leadership over so many years.