Huge thanks to the Conville Trust and PyB for making this possible, it would be hard to get this kind of alpine preparation without a lot more money and time to spend. Conville offers a unique opportunity for young people of similar backgrounds and interests to come together to learn and forge partnerships that will last well into the future. The value of that can’t be underestimated in mountaineering and alpinism where good partnerships are so important and hard to find.

Adam Jones
Summer Alpine Course 2017

I have recently got back from attending one of the JCMT alpine courses. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the generosity of the trust. It is such an amazing thing for the family of Jonathan to do as this allows young people, like myself, to learn the skills and knowledge needed to safely spend time in an Alpine environment; a course that would otherwise be far too expensive for me. I learnt a huge amount during the course, and although my trip in the Alps was short this time, I know for sure that this experience will enable me to spend a huge amount of time, walking, skiing and climbing safely in the future.

Beth Wilson
Summer Alpine Course 2017

I really enjoyed the course, and the expense of doing it without the supplements would have stopped me hiring a guide. Without the backing of the course I wouldn’t have gained the skills I had. I feel so much more confident to explore on my own, and know what I can, and more importantly can’t do.

Summer Alpine Course 2017