jonathans_final resting place

Jonathan’s Final Resting Place

Jonathan’s body was never recovered when he died 34 years ago 1979. In August 2013, mountain rescue helicopter pilot, Gerold Biner flying past the base of the North Face noticed climbing equipment at the edge of a glacier. The police in Zermatt flew to the site and his remains, along with his climbing equipment were brought down to the Sion Valley Police Department and Forensic Pathology Department at Sion Hospital. A Cash’s name tape sewn into one sock with the name “Conville”, along with his name written in biro on a crampon strap enabled them to make the link to our website. We flew out to Sion to give our DNA for legal family recognition. In time, his identity was confirmed, and his remains have now been cremated. We along with family and friends were shocked, but grateful that we have been given the opportunity to lay him to rest. It feels complete. We offer our sincere thanks to the Zermatt Police Department, Inspector Guido Heynen of the Sion Police Department and Bettina Schrag Forensic Pathologist at Sion Hospital for their professionalism, kindness and sensitivity following his discovery. Lastly, our sincere thanks to Peter Cliff who put us in touch with Hermann Biner in Zermatt, who searched for Jonathan so diligently 34 years ago, and for his recent efforts on our behalf to bring Jonathan back to Zermatt, where he belongs.
Katrina and Melissa Conville