This course was my first experience of Scottish Winter, I had no idea I would enjoy the course and learn so much as I did. Di and Rich were amazing instructors, super knowledgeable, caring, down to earth and with more experience than you could ever ask for. This course has made me incredibly psyched to get out into the mountains, put the skills I learned to use, and to go on and learn even more and have more adventures. Thanks so much to JCMT for this amazing opportunity.

Adam Timmons
Scottish Winter Course 2018

I’ve really enjoyed the course, I feel it’s been a good introduction to winter skills. This course will have a great impact on my chosen career as an outdoor instructor because it’s provided an insight into what I need to learn, and how to consolidate what I have learnt in a safe way. Thank you for accommodating me and allowing us all to have a great learning experience. PS The food was awesome!

Scottish Winter Course 2018

My 2018 has started out with quite a bang and set the bar high for this year’s adventure possibilities. I never could have imagined that so much learning and laughter could be packed into two days. There are some courses or weekends that are fun or pleasant, but few that enthuse you for the mountains and expeditions such as this one. A massive thank you to the Conville Trust for all of your generosity and commitment to educating the next generation of mountaineers!

Scottish Winter Course 2018