Thanks so much for running this course. I feel like I am a lot less nervous about snowy conditions as I was before, and having a taste for Scottish winter with super amazing guides, gave me lots more confidence in the hills. Seeing the Scottish blue skies in the highlands was also something I always thought I wouldn’t see for a good while. Thanks again.

Scottish Winter Course 2019

Thank you so much for the two most exciting and educational days I have had in the mountains! Without this course I wouldn’t be able to afford the tuition required to safely begin my own winter adventures. Richard and Di had such a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and were excellent instructors. A massive thank you to all involved, especially Craggan Outdoors for facilitating the course and the JCMT for providing me with the opportunity. See you in the mountains!

Scottish Winter Course 2019

Having never touched an ice axe or crampons before this weekend, I was pretty apprehensive about anything ‘winter’ before this course. I heard about the trust at an Mountain Leader course at PyB, and thought that winter skills is something I have no experience of and would love to learn about. This weekend has been educational, inspirational, and given me a lot of food for thought and confidence.
My favourite part of the weekend (although Di will probably shoot me for saying it) was practicing ice axe arrests. Can’t wait to go and put into practice what I’ve learnt this weekend. Thank you to all. Accommodation, food, kit and instruction was brilliant.

Scottish Winter Course 2019